Do you sometimes get excited?

You know… spring is bursting forth, plans are coming together, efforts are bearing fruit.  It really is something to be excited about.  Here’s what I am excited about right now:

First, SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!

Sure, tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox, so technically, it is still winter.  Would you please tell that to the hummingbird that buzzed me while I was working in the garden yesterday?

Would you tell it to the Ribes, both red and white, that are blooming on the driveway and in the courtyard?

Tell it to the Pacific Tree Frogs heartily setting up a chorus in the ditches and puddles.  They may yet be few in number, but they’re singing their hearts out!  My evening walks down to the water are now accompanied by a lovely serenade.

The Bald Eagle Lady is doing a lot of screaming and singing over the house.  Nearly time to go a-courtin’. She’ll be waltzing in the sky with her mate soon.

The apple trees in the courtyard are budded out, and the cherry trees in downtown Olympia are putting out blossom.

The ravens are talking about spring.  They’re doing a lot of soft calling during the day, and its a bunch of different calls from what they were doing a couple of weeks ago.  Their calls for all the world remind me of soft tender things you’d say to a lover – lots of soft low volume quorks and quonks.

The woodpecker and flickers are going to town drumming and drilling and laughing and singing and flying all about.

My rhubarb is up, and it’s tender crinkly light green leaves are practically doubling in size each day.

The irises are waking up, and many of them are putting on really good spring growth.  The purple-based foliage of the Gerald Darby irises planted near the canoe is looking especially attractive just now.  There also promises to be quite the floral show around Old Mother Stumpard’s skirts.

Junebug has learned that a cat can go THRU the door to the great, mysterious and somewhat scary outdoors.  He has also learned that after about 30 seconds, a cat can turn around and paw frantically at the door to be let back in.  It’s quite the thing to do.  Is there anything more fun than racing at full speed across an open yard?

Yes indeed, Spring is here!

I’m also getting excited about the veggie garden.  I’ve been working out in it all week, and things are really looking good!  One bed is full of soil now, and awaits settling and planting, while another bed awaits soil.  I’ll use up the remnants of what’s sitting in a pile down on the driveway.

I built a temporary bed for the strawberries.  It’ll last a couple of years, until it’s time to pull the strawberries next time, I’m sure.  Not only is it behind my deer fencing, but it is also netted against birds.  I moved the pots of strawberries into the bed – they’ll warm faster, facing the sun.  Behind the strawberry bed I built a unit to hold all the winebottles I’ve collected.  No more unsightly piles.

I’m also able to see more of the future layout of the garden.  The three beds I’ve now laid out, along with the wine bottles, are all aligned to the new layout.  The asparagus bed is very much in the way, of course, but I can see the new layout, and that’s exciting.  The pathways are taking on their permanent routes, and I am ready to begin preparing the soil behind the stump, between the Rosa rugosa and Golden Raspberries.  I’m thinking squash patch.  I also can begin preparing the new site for the Fred’s Red Raspberries.  They’re going on the terrace below this area, where there will be lots of room for them.

One last thing to be excited about today: sun.  It looks like it will be a gorgeous day, with maybe only a shower or two passing quickly over.  The temps might even reach 50 degrees!



1 thought on “Do you sometimes get excited?

  1. Love it, I too am so excited about Spring! Spent the last two days basking in the mild temps and no rain, weeding, digging, dividing and dreaming about this years garden plans. Now if I can only get the newest member of our family, Jack the dog, to stay out of the flowerbeds!

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