Iris time begins!

The irises are finally starting to bloom. This has been the coldest and latest spring yet for the garden here. Here’s a few shots I like:


Dark Vader by R & L Miller, 1987

Dark Vader is one of my favorite irises of the dwarfs. It is such a wonderfully rich color and never fails to put on a great show.


White Autumn King by HP Sass, 1935

Here’s a shot of Mr. Junebug. He is almost a year old now and has gotten so big.


2 thoughts on “Iris time begins!

  1. I really need a start of both of those, especially Bride. Mine are just starting to bloom also, have a short dark purple, a bearded dark and light purple and the yellow so far—many buds and good weather, the season is looking hopeful! I’m anticipating at least 8 varieties but the 3 I planted last fall may take another season to take hold and bloom.

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