My Sweet P …

A few weeks ago Mr. Pansy made it very clear that he was no longer interested in being in the house on our schedule. We tried to persuade him otherwise but he proceeded to make his displeasure known on a variety of expensive and/or irreplaceable things, including Daniel’s very expensive hiking backpack, up on the dining room table (!!!), a stack of iris society bulletins, and he destroyed an antique chair in the bedroom. Finally, we acquiesced to Petey’s wishes knowing it would likely be a short time before he was someone’s dinner. We didn’t have a choice. The situation was intolerable, and adoption wasn’t an option so we had to let him be outside or just have him put down. We crossed our fingers and opened the door.

Friday morning Mr. Petey was not at the door wanting fed. We’ve not seen him since.

It breaks my heart that my Sugar Bear chose this path instead of staying with us, but I have to respect it and just treasure the time we had. He showed up in our lives on his time table – and left on it, too. Goodbye Sweet P. I’ll always remember you.

Peter Pansy

2005 – 2011


3 thoughts on “My Sweet P …

  1. Hello Dr. Kleinsorge, As you see we have something in common. My husbands relatives come from Michigan and Missouri. I came across your site and I also am a gardener and some of my favorites are irises. I recently lost my husband and moved into an active senior community so my “garden” has been relegated to a small patio terrace. I have only one Iris I brought with me and I don’t know the name but its extremely fragrant. Do you have another suggestion for an iris that is fragrant and will be happy in a large pot? Your site is beautiful and makes me long for spring. Hope this finds you in good health. Sincerely Cathy Kleinsorge Chehalis Washington

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