Meanwhile, fall settles in…

I’ve been so busy the past two months getting the garden ready for winter and all the irises settled into new beds after the big dig that I haven’t had time to post, nor much to post about. Cleaning up is rarely interesting. Here’s a few new photos tho of recent garden happenings.

Miss Gracie the Mole Slayer is the hero of the year for finally killing the mole that has been wreaking havoc in the courtyard all summer. Here is the culprits corpse, which Miss Gracie was very pleased to have brought me. She made quite a fuss until I came to see what she was going on about. You would not think something so small could cause so much mess.


And here is a shot of her shortly afterwards, after getting a treat, being loved on and told what a good girl she was several dozen times.


The goldfish have done well this year and really took care of the mosquito larva. The day after I took this photo one of them disappeared, so we are down to three in the lower pond. One of the denizens of the canoe pond died as well. He was floating that same day but has since vanished. Cat or raccoon?


The courtyard continues to come along. I recently added two small beds just off the patio. The triangle bed has a ‘Tinkerbell’ lilac and iris seedlings, while the circular one has a variegated weigela (gorgeous plant!!) and a few irises being held for moving later.


I’m working on another new bed (well, actually a redesign of an existing one) which I hope to have done next weekend. It will hold irises from my friend Phil. So many new and wonderful things to see blooming nextyear!


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