Snowpocalypse 2012!!!11!1omgponies!!!1!

So I am dating myself with the title. Meh. (That should correct the balance…). So we went From a lovely 15-inch snowfall to a slow-motion ice storm that wrecked havoc across the entire region. From the previous post to this:

Bleh! Everything was covered in snow when the freezing rain hit, creating huge masses of ice on every limb. It’s been at least 15 years since the trees around here have experienced this. Right now tho the woods around us are filled to bursting with bright noise as ice falls and branches continue to snap under its weight. The immediate, dull, ooomph of one large wet mass hitting another gives the impression of huge beasts battling in the dark. The cats refuse to leave the porch or remain outside for more than a few minutes. These sounds send tingles down the spine.


Everything is buried under a deep, icy gray blanket. Protected, until spring brings her warmth again. It was a most unusual experience to watch the build up of the ice first hand across the garden. It was sculpture in slow motion. The soft waves of the snow quilt slowly hardening and compacting under the weight of the ice, and the new forms it exposed thereby were wonderful. There was no way to capture it in a photo tho…


Baking on a Snowy day

We woke up to another day of snow. Not unwelcome as we had nothing to do nor places to be. Took a long walk into the woods along an old logging road and checked out the winter landscape here on the point. Here’s what it looked like from the house.



I stayed in the rest of the day and baked a pumpkin pie from scratch (gluten-free too!), but realized as it finished baking that I forgot to add the sugar. Oops!