Spring is coming!

We have crocuses blooming in a pot on the front steps and these ‘Katherine Hodgkins’ reticulatas oped today. So cute! Now if we can keep the slugs at bay for a few more days we’ll get to enjoy them fully.



Cats aren’t impressed.


Don’t you love it when they sleep with their paws over their eyes like this? So cute. Miss Gracie is one hairy mess tho.


Our governor signed marriage equality legislation into law today. Expect a wedding announcement in 2013!


2 thoughts on “Spring is coming!

  1. Hello – I am one of the caretakers for the Pickle Barrel House Historic Iris Garden in Grand Marais, Michigan. We’re one of only two listed historic iris gardens in the state of Michigan, and our 90+ iris collection focuses on pre-1935 irises. We are planning to expand the garden this year and would love to plant some of Grace Sturtevant’s irises. They are very hard to find. Would you be willing to let us purchase a toe of each of yours? I’ve pasted the link to our website so you can see it. Thanks for your time!

    Cathy Egerer

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