A weekend of rebirth

There’s a reason the catholic church co-opted this season for the story of the Passion of Jesus. We have seen everything bursting back to life after a long cold dark winter, in more ways than one. Finally able to get out in the beds and work again. So nice… and so over due. What a mess. Anyway, here’s a few pictures from the last few days. Hope to be posting more regularly now and Iris season is about to begin so *fingers crossed*.

Mr. Junebug is ever so happy about the sunshine. Today he hid under this plant thinking I couldn’t see him. He knows he is not supposed to be in this bed.

The little ‘greek wind flowers’ or ‘anemones’ are blooming like crazy. Love their bright faces this time of year. They will disappear with the heat of summer. Very ephemeral.

This deep purple hellebore is blooming in the courtyard. It’s a favorite.


And check this beautiful rhodie we brought home from Kellie and John’s place last fall. Love it with that old cedar stump and the hemlock.
I’ll attempt to be more prompt with posts now that I am more mobile and there’s things to see.


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