Iris seedlings!

Two years ago I made a cross of the irises Sunset Snows (TB, pink amoena) X Chanted (SDB, pink with blue beard), and this spring they finally bloomed for me. I was hoping for intermediate pink bitones with blue beards, and just maybe an amoena in the mix. I did get alot of bitones but they were mostly in pastel shades of orange or brown and the beards were mostly that odd shade of orange I always think of as Chinese red, with a few having a bright tangerine color on theirs. There was one real pink one in the mix as well as an oddball purple, that looks smashing with its beard color. 14 seedlings were planted, 12 bloomed. Each had interesting flowers, but overall only four were really worth keeping for a second season of observation. I doubt they stack up to modern IB judges standards but if they make a pretty garden plant I’ll probably keep them around for awhile and check their fertility for possible advancement. Let me know what you think in the comments.















I really liked how different they looked when the sun was on them. They were somewhat drab without it. I liked D, E & G the best and will keep the purple one too. The others had flaws that made them unsuitable even if the flowers were nice enough.


4 thoughts on “Iris seedlings!

  1. I vote for SSxCH10D and SSxCh10E, which I think are E and G. The first is subtle, and look at all that GREEN on it! Nice. The second is like the first, but darker and less of the green; really NICE beard – toned down and not strident.

  2. After I ‘hung up’ I remembered something else looking at this batch of seedlings. They are a throw-back to olden-days: not so ruffled and riffy. I like it; simple is good, too.

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