So many pretties!

5-irises barbara-walther3-13 dogrose1-13 half-magic1-13 i-versicolor2-13 jungle-shadows1-13 maid-of-astolat3-13 old-black-magic5-13 pretty-pansy2-13 rhages1-13 sunset-snows3-13 tabasco2-13 tropical-butterfly2-13 whole-cloth1-13


A rainbow of blooms

The irises are going strong, tho not all that many varieties in bloom. Maybe only 1 out of 20 or 30. ┬áStill, quite a bit of color. Here’s more pics:


airy-grace1-13 barbara-walther3-13 bellerive1-13 dogrose1-13 fujis-mantle1-13 indian-chief1-13 jungle-shadows1-13 maid-of-astolat3-13 melchior3-13 old-black-magic1-13 paisano3-13 pretty-pansy2-13 shanoppin4-13 sunset-snows3-13 tabasco2-13 tropical-butterfly2-13 u-no-lux3-13