Wedding pics!!

So, yeah, um, we got married!  Could not have asked for a more perfect day. Every thing was amazing. Weather was flawless (threatening rain held off until an hour after it was all over with), the location was fantastic, the caterer (Tangerine and Thyme out of Union, WA) were incredible – seriously, we got compliments on their coordination, presentation and the high quality of the food all day long! So grateful to all our friends and family for sharing the day with us. Wish we’d had the resources to invite everyone we know and love.


after-ceremony daniel-family daniel-n-julie dinner-(9) kellie-mike-daniel1 mike-daniel-julie1 mike-daniel-kevin-adam rings table2mike-n-mom1 mom-bethmarried1Photos by Adam Kissinger, except the last shot by Kim Lincoln.


3 thoughts on “Wedding pics!!

  1. I was so honored to stand up with my brother, Mike. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous setting! Miss you and wish we could spend more time together. Wishing you both the very best! Love you 🙂

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